Simply Be More needs to be in YOUR life

1       Simply Be More products spark joy and simply make you feel good! 

2       10% of all sales goes to charity and in the case of the Piano Maestro Mug and Card it goes to a specific prize for the young musician who makes the most improvement. This is awarded annually in the Summer term.

To date Simply Be More has donated to The Dogs Trust, Haven House Children’s Hospice, Eddie Izzard’s Make Humanity Great Again; a run for hope, Brain Tumour Research, The Greyhound Trust, National Brain Appeal, White Lodge, Hertfordshire Hospitals Charity, City of Sanctuary, The Royal British Legion.  From June 2021 I decided to make one donation per month at the end of the month starting with The Cup of Kindness for the Lady Ratlings. July 2021 The Bethany Children's Trust. Donation receipts are available on receipt.

3       Your purchase supports a small, independent business created by a musician affected by the pandemic.

4       Every item is costed so you can purchase in the knowledge that you are paying a fair price. All costing information is available upon request

5        Every item is trackable so you know the provenance of the items and that you are supporting an ethically run business.


6       There are no hidden extras. Simply Be More aims to be completely transparent. All information is readily available.

7        The creator of all products and images is contactable and available 7 days a week.  There is a face and an actual human behind the brand.

8       Some of the products will most likely make you think…They may challenge you to think about your thinking…your modus operandi…how you can simply be more you and live your best life and be your best self.


9       When you buy any item, no matter the size or cost, your item will be gift wrapped with imagination, love and care and all included in the price.   

10          You are purchasing an entirely unique design. You can gift in the safe knowledge that this isn’t going to be a product or card a person has already received multiple times.


11       In taste tests it has been proven that a drink that is drunk from a beautiful mug will taste extra special…Every mug is designed with love, ergo get ready for some pretty special drinks but maybe what a Simply BE more mug will do is encourage you to be in the moment and really take the time to drink the drink…

12       If you are sending a gift direct you can completely trust Simply Be More to wrap the gift in a unique and imaginative way; just like you would for someone extra special in your life. If you have a special request just reach out and if Simply Be More can, they will meet your need.

13      Your satisfaction is paramount. If you are not happy, then allow Simply Be More to rectify the problem. I just want my brand to be the best it can be just like I am striving to be the best I can be.

14      Every item on the website is clearly and accurately described.

15      From the feedback to date, Simply Be More is almost certain that if you are wearing a Simply Be More T shirt or carrying a Simply Be More tote, you will be asked where did it come from and what’s the story.

16      Consistent feedback of pet portraits has been that the ‘spirit’ of the animal has somehow been captured. This has been of tremendous comfort to people who have received a commemorative pet portrait.

17       Maybe you have something deep in your heart that you know you have to say to someone but just can’t find the words…allow a Simply Be More card to convey the words, the thought, the hug, the heart-to-heart connection.

18        Joining the Simply Be More community you get to be the first to hear about the latest products and to be in touch via social media with creator Clare Langan and other like-minded, positive, open people. 


19      You can become a Co-creator. As was the case with the piano maestro range, Simply Be More was approached to do a design, this then became a mug a card and led to the Simply Be More Piano Maestro Young Musician of the Year.  Blue sky thinking is the key. 

 If there is a ‘what’ let Simply Be More take care of the ‘how’ and the ‘why’.


20      You can shop online with complete confidence via the trusted WIX run website. If you are not happy paying for items online you can pay by cheque. 


21       By the end of 2021 Simply Be More will go completely recyclable with all packaging and products.

22      Simply Be More will never sell your information on to a third party.  


23      Simply Be More doesn’t hound you, if you leave things in your basket, you will not get an email a few days later saying ‘did you forget something? Here is a discount voucher.’  This is not our way.

24      If you sign up to the mailing list or blog you will only receive an email at most, once a month.

25      You will never be asked to verify that you are not a robot or identify squares with a fire hydrant, zebra crossing (cross walk) or lamp-post.

26      When you make a purchase you will be kept informed of when the item was sent, in addition you will be sent the unique Royal Mail number of postage. In case of original Pet Portraits, these will be sent Royal Mail ‘signed for’.  You will always be given a clear time frame of completion of purchase.

27      If you spend time on the Simply Be More website you will leave calmer. There are no adverts popping up or noisy interruptions to your browsing. You do not have to sign in. It has been designed with clarity and calm in mind and to be as user friendly as possible. If you have any issue you can reach out via the website pop up assistant that is operational 8am – 8pm (BST) 7 days a week. Outside these hours you can drop an email and will be responded to within an absolute maximum of 12 hours.  


28      For UK customers, postage is included in all sales over £40. Postage is competitive with other retailers.

29      ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever.’ This quote from Keats heads up the Simply Be More website and is a tenet by which it stands. Simply Be More products are built to last. Even the sentiments from the cards will live long in the memory.   

30      Envelopes for the cards are given an extra special meaningful enhancement, thereby further sparking joy and adding to the ‘special’ feeling for the recipient.

31      All first-time purchases come with a special surprise free gift.  As Simply Be More is mindful of waste, please note that this is available for subsequent purchases upon request and is not automatically sent with every purchase although I always try to give you a little something special in your package.

32      Simply Be More is a British Company and through making a purchase you are helping to support the British economy to recover from the pandemic.

33      You can shop for the perfect card and gift from the comfort of your own home.  

34      In the case of a card such as the ‘Be more amA-Zing card’ for the cost of the actual card, (£2.50) you are gifting someone 26 ways in which you think they are amA-Zing…they may never have considered that they are amA-Zing at all or realised that you think that they are amA-Zing! This is sure to have a huge effect on the recipient…

Is the real cost £2.50 or is it actually priceless?  As of July 2021 the Be more amA-Zing card has the A-Z of greatness integrated.

35      In the case of certain versions of the Be More Sunflower or Forget me not cards, you will receive seeds which will bring continued joy to the recipient and anyone who sees their garden! As forget me nots are perennials it is the gift that keeps giving!


36      By purchasing a tote you are not having to buy a plastic bag, thereby protecting the environment.

37      In purchasing the ‘Be More Baby’ affirmations card you may be introducing someone to the life changing power of affirmations. We all dwell in possibility, none more so than a baby…

38      Delayed gratification…I still love waiting for the postman to deliver an online purchase that I have made. It reminds me of the excitement of Christmas.

39      Simply Be More T shirts are modelled by REAL women, women who are beautiful inside and out.


40      If Simply Be More ever partners with, or endorses another company it is because it  believes that the company in question is of the same ethos and in alignment with Simply Be More core values.

41      Simply Be More believes in paying it forward.  To date it has given many surprise giveaways which hopefully brought joy to the recipients.

42      Simply Be More makes mistakes like when it put up a post about Vulcans on May 4th thinking that they were connected with Star Wars. Simply Be More owns its mistakes and rectifies them.

43      Simply Be More is completely inclusive and has a Mr and Mr Wedding card with a Mrs and Mrs Wedding card to come.

44      The Simply Be More blog promises to speak completely bravely from the heart with complete honesty. This is a challenge to lay oneself complete bare but authenticity is a central tenet of the Simply Be More ethos.

45      Whilst Simply Be More’s founder was born and raised in the Christian tradition, Simply Be More is entirely Omnist. 

46      Simply Be More completely believes that if you are meant to be a patron, our paths were divinely meant to cross for a reason. It’s completely meant to be that you have even got to no. 46 of 50 reasons why Simply Be More needs to be in your life!

47      There is something for all budgets on the website and no commission is ever too big or too small, the only limits are our thinking.


48      You are an integral piece of the mosaic that makes the dream a reality to create a simply be more movement where people respond to the call of nature and their own hearts to Simply Be More than the limits society and even we daily put on ourselves.

49      You aren’t just a customer You are a member of the Simply Be More family and will be held in gratitude for your patronage.

50      Simply Be More would love you to purchase an item, after all it is a business, but in truth the most important thing is that you spent time reading this and that you may have taken something away and that maybe a seed has been sown that you are truly amA-Zing and that we dwell in possibility and the only limits are the ones we put on ourselves.

51     As with all websites, web traffic is registered so that the site owner knows how many visits there are per week/hour/day etc.

I have committed to say a simple prayer for everyone who visits this site saying "May this person and their loved ones be safe, happy and at peace this day and always." We have no idea how powerful prayers can be...and you know what...it can't hurt! Namaste.

52     From Simply Be More HQ to the nearest Post Office is a minimum 5.5 mile run, so, to save the planet and to help me train for a marathon in October, I have committed to running all your orders to the post office.  Please help me get fit!!!