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Clare Langan


Who? What? Where? When? How and simply...Why?

Up until March 2020 Clare Langan pursued a busy career as a headline flautist performing all over the world. Like so many artists, the pandemic has created a new world order....It was time to get creative.


A personal challenge to try something new, arose from a Legendary Life styles life coaching session with Chad E Cooper.   Clare decided to attempt one hundred sketches in one hundred days...and the 'Be More' Brand was born...What made this such a challenge is that Clare has not drawn since the age of thirteen. However there must be something in this crazy idea as 'Be More' will be published later this year.


What it means to 'Be More' according to Clare...


"I had aways considered myself a flautist, first and foremost, but what the pandemic taught me is that I can 'Simply Be More'.  We are only limited by the limits that we put on ourselves."

"I am a keen runner and have been inspired by nature on my runs. The world around us and within us is an incredible teacher...if only we allow it to be."

"As Joel Osteen says, the words that follow 'I am' are hugely important. The sketches I have created are positive affirmations to inspire us throughout the day and will take on different resonances as we journey through life. I am ready to simply 'be more'..."

Are you ready to Be More?...

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