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amA-Zing card

amA-Zing card

  • Be More AmAZing Greeting Card
  • Perfect card to send to remind someone just how amA-Zing they simply are. A card that will make them never look at the word amA-Zing in the same way again. The perfect card for the person in your life who is an A-Z of greatness...
  • Text reads; 'Just like the word amA-Zing I have an A - Z of greatness within me...Be more amA-Zing.
  • Inside you can write your very own list of A-Z of the ways inwhich the person is an A-Z of greatness... Something like...Awesome, Beautiful, Caring, Diligent etc...this will be such a special gift to someone who maybe doesnt realise just how amAZing they truly are!!! This is your chance to tell them!
  • Glossy finish
  • 350gsm card
  • White gummed envelope
  • Writing the alphabet of ways in which someone is truly amAZing can be a really precious gift that can change someones entire perspective of themselves.
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