• Clare Langan

Have you got your crown on? If not, now's the time.

What is the story behind my Simply Be More Logo? Well it's all down to a quote by James Baldwin: ‘Our crown has been bought and paid for. All we have to do is put it on.’ As I read those two sentences and let them resonate in my heart, I had an ah-ha moment, something clicked in me and I reached for my crown and put it on. It has led to a #transformation of my life...

What does it mean to put on my crown? Putting on my crown is living my most #authentic, whole hearted life. It means ripping off the super-heroes cape I put on because I didn’t believe I had the power without it; failing to realise that my true greatness lies in revealing my vulnerability. I wore my superheroes cape to cover my broken heart not realising that my broken heart was where my beauty was, because it showed I had loved. I wore my superheroes cape thinking it would give me a forcefield of protection, but to live authentically is to potentially experience not only great love, but also great hurt…and that is where beauty and also great strength lies.

The Japanese practice of Kintsugi is using precious metals to mend broken pottery, thereby adding to their value and beauty through their scars. That is what it means to live an authentic, whole hearted life and to wear my crown. It means that when I am alone after the business of the day is over, I have nothing to take off and my being is illuminated like a stained glass window, each pane of glass representing my unique strengths and qualities. We don’t need to fear taking off our cloak; Joseph didn’t lose his power when he lost his cloak of many colours. If you haven't got your crown on, grab it now! It's time to reign!

Do you dare to put on YOUR crown and live a whole hearted life with no masks? Do you believe that YOU were born a superhero and all you have to do is claim your crown through living authentically and bravely? Claim your crown now!

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