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Who is Phoebe and why do we all need to have our own Phoebe?

I had an interesting talk this week with a friend who had a session with a clarity coach. He had asked her to introduce him to three different aspects of her own character and he asked her to act it out and observe the mannerisms, body language, language, demeanour etc.

The first was The Protector. The second; The #Empowerer, (I think I just made a word) and the third; The Hinderer. He then asked her to stand up and assume each character and answer some questions.

This really sparked my imagination and made me think about the different characters within me...

The Protector gently stands up and bends over me trying to hug me, whispering gently 'be careful,... you may get hurt,... you may make a fool of yourself,... you know what happened last time,... don't go running by yourself it's too dangerous'...

The #Empowerer leaps up and says in a very fast and high vibration voice 'You've got this, there is nothing you can't do...think it and you can do it and if you can't see a way to do it you will find a way...there are no set backs only set ups for a huge come-back'...

The Hinderer slowly stands up then sits back down, (obviously wondering whether or not to say something), then stands up and quietly says 'this is a great idea and could be huge but have you really thought it all through?...I don't like to say it but what if x, y or z happens? How will you be able to manage then? I am not saying it will, but will you be able to handle the consequences. You need to think about all this before you start but it's a great idea! You should definitely maybe go for long as you think through every permutation'...


Try it for yourself and see who is predominantly speaking to you...the protector, the empowerer or the hinderer...

A few months ago a character emerged out of nowhere and this character I called Phoebe after my Great-Great-Great-Grandmother.

Phoebe is my alter ego. She is the person who I am when I doing my concerts and designing. She is the person I want to be...ALL the time.

One of the things that people used to say to me is 'I can't believe you're the same person as on stage; you're so extrovert, confident, commanding.' I used to think to myself 'but that IS the real me'. To make them laugh I'd sit up straight, rather than slouching, put my shoulders back and go into full razzle-dazzle mode, eyes wide and bright and full of sparkle, all smiles... I soon found that people actually prefer the quiet version of Clare and it was much easier to go un-noticed, under the radar where I couldn't be accused of being 'too much'.

So back to Phoebe...

This week, as an experiment I am going to FULLY embody Phoebe all week. I'm going to ask Phoebe the empowerer 'what would Phoebe do'?

Yesterday I got a box full of Phoebe mugs and what the design on this mug says to me is that...

  1. Just like the dog/Phoebe I am full of love every day and want to share that love and attract people into my life who feel the same way.

  2. Just like the dog/Phoebe I am not worrying about tomorrow or what other dogs/people are thinking about me.

  3. Just like the dog/Phoebe I enjoy the moment, live in the NOW and love those around me.

  4. Just like the dog/Phoebe I hold my head up high, have bright eyes and am always playful.

  5. Just like the dog/Phoebe I stride ahead in a purposeful direction and take a look sideways every now and again...

Do you fancy joining me in this experiment? I hope so.

Have a great week.


Clare (and Phoebe)

#simplybemore #empower #bestself

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