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The chain reaction of #kindness

It's been a busy week, but one I will treasure. I have made some really nice memories to put in my 'filled with love' jar, which I will empty and look over on New Year's Eve. But there is one thing that really stood out this week and that is a couple of photos; The power of an image and the chain reaction of one act of #kindness.

Recently my gorgeous friend Sue bought the Kindness T-Shirt that I designed and sent it to her friend Karen as a 'thank you' for all the kindness she has shown her Mum during lockdown. She has kept an eye on her, done her delicious afternoon cream teas and basically been an absolute angel.

Karen reached out to me and sent her photo wearing the Kindness T-shirt. This blew me away and to be honest, really moved me. Karen radiates kindness and rocks the T-Shirt I am sure you will agree.

The fact that this T-Shirt has even been created is down to a Facebook group that I am in called 'The Kindness Ambassadors'. It is a truly wonderful and inspiring group founded by the inspirational #LeonLogothetis. If you haven't seen The Kindness Diaries on Netflix, be kind to yourself and treat yourself to watching this amazing, life changing show. You will feel all the better for watching it, but make sure you have a box of kleenex to hand! Anyway, a few months ago, because they are so gentle and non judgmental, I shared my Kindness design with them and they LOVED it!!! The feedback was so just heartfelt and kind. They said I should make I did!

The design itself was as a result of great kindness shown to me when I was basically broken. #Kindness put me back together.

Another image which touched my heart this week was one that Karen posted on her Facebook. And this inspired a new design in me.

This is Karen volunteering at Galgos Del Sol dog rescue.

What a wonderful photo of love and kindness. It shows to me how important touch is. This beautiful dog is reaching out to a beautiful lady. He or she recognises and is responding to her kindness.

This dog has left a pawprint on my heart, as has the kindness of Sue and Karen and the Kindness Ambassadors...

I had an image come to me from looking at that gawjuss paw. I just had to get out... and here it is...

A chain reaction of kindness led to the creation of this image and I know I am going to pay forward all the kindness I have been shown in my life.

You simply never know what a kind word can have on you.

You never know the impact you can have by simply reaching out, just like this dog did to Karen, Karen did to me and Sue did to Karen.

Have a lovely week everyone. I am so grateful to you for spending some of your precious time with me today.

Click here if you would like to find out more about the wonderful charity Galgos Del Sol and don't forget to watch The Kindness Diaries on Netflix. The one when Leon goes to Ecuador and meets the amazing Lady who rescues dogs is my all time favourite.

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