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Light Bulb Moments

It has been a while since I have felt inspired and motivated to share some thoughts, but here I am now.

Yesterday on my run, I had a complete light bulb moment, both literally and metaphorically.

I will be honest with you; I have found parts of the last six weeks really challenging. There is so much emotional upheaval all around me, not to mention in the greater world at large.

I was starting to feel swamped. I admit; I was struggling.

How could I simply be more at peace and grounded when there were so many upsetting things happening around me? How could I live by what I know to be true, and the key tenets "All will be well" and "This too shall pass."

And then I had a BIG shift.

An amA-Zing person gifted me a book called The Desire Factor by Christy Whitman and that, along with a circle of Ladies I meet with once a week, enabled me to switch the wifi signal.

What do I mean by switching the wifi signal?

I found that there was an upgraded spiritual wifi available to me that was super strong and super fast - a sort of cosmic broadband. I felt a weight lift. The sun came through the clouds and I started to feel 'me' again.

On my run I thought about a lightbulb. An incandescent lightbulb filament is protected by glass. Without glass protection the filament will burn out rapidly...and that is exactly what was happening to me. I had to protect my energy through setting boundaries, pacing myself and just like a computer, rebooting myself and updating and upgrading my software every so often.

I also realised that I had to make sure that I plugged myself into the right voltage in order to burn at my optimum brightness...Oh and I want transparent glass - none of that opaque glass for me thanks.

Don't you think it is extraordinary how this photo came out?
Photo of my lightbulb sketches on white paper...

Last night, for the first time in ages, I slept like a log. I addressed an outstanding situation that was linked to my identity and hey presto I felt joy, freedom and my true self; boy is that a soft pillow upon which to lay your head.

Words matter and are powerful.

So I have closed another chapter of my life and look at a blank page and feel just as the great Emily Dickinson said

'I dwell in possibility'...

With love dear reader,


PS Slightly blown away by the photo of my sketch drawn on white paper. It perfectly captures what I was trying to say...a picture speaks a 1000 words (well 418 actually).

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