• Clare Langan

Zen Butterfly

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

As I climbed the winding staircase I heard a fluttering of wings, and there, battling against the glass, was a peacock butterfly. I watched as the beautiful creature paused for rest. He closed his wings and appeared almost completely black against the window, however when he started flying again, his full beauty was revealed. I started thinking that this is like me. It is only when I am open that my full beauty is revealed. So often we turn in on ourselves and aren't brave enough to open up and reveal our true magnificence for fear of being rejected, or that our true colours won't fit someone else's opinion of who they think we are, or even who-we-think-they-think-we-are-or-should-be...

The thing is, let's be honest, most people aren't even giving us a seconds thought, and what we think they may be thinking, is more than likely wildly off the mark. What matters most is what we think of ourselves and being able to celebrate our own beauty and share it with the world in a myriad of ways. This butterfly has undergone transformation after transformation in its lifetime and it is the same with us, but are we willing to allow the world to see our true magnificence or will we keep our wings closed or even stay as a caterpillar? I opened the window and the fresh air of liberation guided the butterfly to freedom and so I open my heart to the freedom of living in the full magnificence of being completely and uniquely me. Thank you butterfly for teaching me this lesson. If this resonated with you please share or send to a friend who may like it too. Thank you for spending a couple of precious minutes with me.

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